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Field of Fright

Located in the haunted country of Glen Ray’s Corn Maze, our Field of Fright is not for the faint of heart. Each year during the Halloween season, the undead souls of the farm emerge, waiting in the shadows for the unsuspecting passersby to wander in. Prepare to be terrorized by the local butcher, chased by the belligerent wood cutter, and lost in what remains of the haunted farmlands. The farm may look abandoned, but the current occupants will protect their land at any cost and they just might come after you when you least expect it. 

Can you find your way out of the Field of Fright in one piece?


Come see what makes us different


Get your heart racing in a real cornfield surrounded by the dead souls who possess the land and have never left. Doomed to haunt their own abode for eternity, prepare to be seen as a trespasser as they seek to protect their domain. 

Authentic Horror

We believe in realistic horror. Come face to face with real actors surrounded by authentic props, all encompassed in spine-tingling, thick corn fields where no one can hear you scream…

Largest in southern Utah County

We pride ourselves on being the largest haunted attraction in southern Utah County. Bring your friends and family for an experience that’s bound to keep you up at night!


We’re Hiring

Come join the Field of Fright cast and be part of a truly terrifying attraction! If you want to participate in a spine-tingling, interactive experience like no other (and earn a little money on the side), please fill out our form by clicking the link below. We’re dying to hear from you!

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